Family Farm

A family farm right here in the great community of Whitefish.
We’re a natural farm and proud of it.

Purple Frog Gardens is the most local farm in Whitefish, mere miles from downtown.   We have been growing food for 20 years and do not use any Genetically Modified seeds or spray synthetic pesticides or herbicides.  We farm the old fashion way, naturally.   We compost and spend lots of time outdoors tending to the crops and chickens.  The secret to growing good food is good soil.

Here’s the chicken feed deal that we give to the chickens:   Joe Brenneman grows our barley locally in Creston.  Jess Alger in Stanford grew our wheat, which is sprouted for goodness sake.  Kelp and Calcium come from the sea.  Vegetable scraps come from Third Street Market.  Comfrey is a summer fodder as well as all those hand pulled weeds we  gather from the row crops like chard, kale and onions.

During warmer months we grow a lot of vegetables, berries and fruit.   Here’s a short list but we grow many varieties of any given crop.   Take for instance Kale, we grow Lacinato or Dino, Red Russian, Rainbow and Camden.   All subtly different and all great eating.

Arugula Baby Bok ChoyBasilBeet greens Broccoli Cabbage Carrots Celery Chard Chinese cabbage Chives Collard greens Dandelion Endive Garlic Green Onions Kale Leeks Lettuce Mint Mizuna Mustard Onions Orache Oregano Peas Radish Rhubarb Sage Salad Shallots Sorrel Spinach Tatsoi Tomato

With berries we grow a dozen varieties of currants, a couple different kind of raspberries, seaberries, and gooseberries.

We also grow apples like Sweet Sixteen and Macintosh.   Then there are the pears which are simply delicious.  Plus a bunch more.

Thanks for supporting local agriculture.  If you have questions, please contact us.

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